Area boy incurs huge karmic debt

Concerned about paying it forward.

Concerned about "paying it forward."

His bicycle was stolen.  He chased.  He saw cops.  He told them what was happening.  They suggested that he call the police.

Matthew Doleman, the Regina whippersnapper who had saved all summer to purchase his bike, was thusly bike-less.  As the story made its rounds (as stories tend to do), an anonymous donor stepped up and provided the teen with a new bicycle.  This is all fantastic news.  But, seriously, Matthew’s got some serious good karma to pay forward.  It’s like when you find someone’s cellphone, return it to them, and they give you $20.  That’s great, but you know at some point you’re going to owe the chump who finds your lost phone $20.

In a related note, apparently Regina cops are total douches. Story via CBC.


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