Small town to big town: Just be nicer!

Booming metropolis

Booming metropolis

An article in the Listowel Banner suggests that if people in Toronto (pop. 5.5 million in the metro area) followed the example of Listowel (pop. 12000), perhaps cyclists and motorists would stop beefing.

“In North Perth, all traffic outside urban centres uses the road. The variety of that traffic would amaze the average Torontonian. In a period of a couple of minutes, a car driver might encounter a trio of seniors walking briskly, side by side, holding six-foot poles; a manure truck dropping bits of whatever; a four-wheeler transporting a huge bale of hay, looking for all the world like an ant trying to carry a marshmallow on its narrow formicidoid shoulders (or whatever ants have that fills that function); and a horse-drawn wagon pulling a kid on roller skates; as well as the usual cars, trucks and bicycles – and a woman walking an alpaca on a leash.”

I’m not sure applying examples from a town (in which common sights include ski-poled seniors and wagon-drawn roller skaters) to a large city (in which common sights include douched-out Ferrari drivers and the indigent publicly masturbating, which might “amaze” the average Listowellian) is all that helpful. Granted, the golden rule should apply to all forms of road transportation, but Toronto’s rat-race is a far cry from Listowel’s alpaca stroll.


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