A lot of people are at Interbike.  Many of them are generously posting photos on the internet(s) for those of us unable to attend (this includes Canadians with an irrational fear of flying and without the time/resources to drive/cycle to Las Vegas).  I’ve been to a few trade shows, including CycleShow 2008 (London, UK) and Vélo Expo 2009 (Montreal).  I suppose by “a few” I mean “two”. I’m always (read: both times) amazed at how these expos cater to such a wide audience.  Sifting through the hundreds of photos uploaded so far (after only two days) illustrates just how much about cycling I find completely uninteresting.  Perhaps this is because I don’t race and don’t care much for upgrades.  However, that’s not to say that there isn’t lots at Interbike for someone like me.  After a quick search I came across two photos that immediately caught my interest.

Yes, please.

Yes, please.

Over at bikehugger, someone posted a photo of a bicycle ipod charger.  This is exactly what someone who enjoys both music and long rides needs. While I don’t condone riding in urban areas with ear buds, there are times on a longer tour when music enhances the scenery.  Or, there are times when you notice that your ipod is dead and you were going to commute for 30 minutes to work anyway, so why not charge it up?

For the kiddies

For the kiddies

As much as I would love to get a classic road bicycle, it’s entirely possible that practicality will (one day) conquer fantasy.  Here’s a cargo bike with seatbelts, perfect for short trips around town with kids, midgets, or Lilliputians (although, the “Mount” origin of Montreal might pose some problems).  But what a beauty.

To those of you posting pictures, thanks.  I’m totally stealing them.  I hope you don’t mind.


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