Bicycle responsible for greatest album ever made

Gotta be startin' somethin'

Gotta be startin' somethin'

According to NME, Michael Jackson hated the rough edits of Thriller and considered scrapping the entire album. In Michael’s words,

One of the maintenance crew in the studio had a bicycle and so I took it and rode up to the schoolyard. I just watched the children play. When I came back I was ready to rule the world. I went into the studio and I turned them songs out.

Aside from the pervy undertones, this is a ringing endorsement for the power of the bicycle.  Someone please give one to Rivers Cuomo.  I think he lost his in around 1997.


1 Response to “Bicycle responsible for greatest album ever made”

  1. 1 reverend dick 29/09/2009 at 2:04 pm

    I’m having a real hard time getting past the pervy undertones.

    But I guess that is what makes PYT the grooviest sexy song ever, huh?

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