Louis Garneau and cycling faux pas

Louis Garneau manhandles Queen Victoria

Louis Garneau manhandles Queen Victoria

The new millennium has been one of social faux pas for Louis Garneau.  In 2002, the French-Canadian cyclists and apparel giant put his arm around Queen Victoria for a picture, breaking Royal protocol.  The Queen didn’t seem to mind and Garneau managed to avoid a stint in the Tower of London.

Flash forward to 2009.  Garneau recently announced that he would be teaming up with celebrity d-bag Michael Ball’s Rock Racing.  This is the team that rolls into events with a convoy of Cadillac Escalades and employs riders with full face tattoos.  If you imagine the UCI as a large highschool, this is like the nerdy grade nine student befriending the 20-year-old senior who was named “most likely to become a date-rapist”.  An odd couple if ever there was one.

I do hope it works out.  But if Louis Garneau apparel starts looking more like Ed Hardy, we’ll know why.  And he had better keep Michael Ball away from the Queen.


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