British trucks hate women cyclists?

At risk?

At risk?

An article on the BBC website suggests that women in London are at a higher risk of being killed by “lorries,” which is English for delivery trucks. The article notes that women are more likely than men to wait at a light in a truck’s blind spot, tend to be more nervous cyclists, and find themselves in situations where accidents are more likely to happen.  Here’s how one woman compares her husband’s riding style to hers:

He cycles much more aggressively and is aware of all the traffic around him. He cycles as if someone is going to hit him and makes sure he is in a safe position. I’m much more nervous of my cycling ability, I’m frightened people might hit me, which means I don’t cycle in a positive manner.

I think she’s right.  Always assume that drivers can’t see you or don’t care that you are there.  It’s not true and it sounds harsh, but it will help keep you safe.


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