EVERYONE STAY INDOORS: More virtual bicycles

There’s good news if you want to ride a bicycle, or perhaps learn to ride a bicycle, but don’t want to be outside.  Depending on your budget and how insane you are, either of these two options should work.

Simulate this.

Simulate this.

Honda has introduced a bicycle simulator to help people learn about cycling safety.  You can practice “going to school,” or “going to the grocery store” and then review your route from a variety of angles.  No word if it has a “going on a bicycle pub crawl” option, but that would be fun. Well worth the $8354.

If you’re big into virtual worlds but not willing to spend $8k, you can get this:

Nerd bike.

Nerd bike.

Nintendo Wii is releasing an exercise bike that will, I suppose, work with bicycle games? I don’t know.  I’m sure Tony Hawk will make something for it.  All the fun of spinning furiously without the joys of going quickly or amusing sweaty drunken hipsters.


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