Proper Usage: Expensive Cycling Apparel

Rapha’s new bomber jacket (which I love) is the perfect $350 garment for:

Dont spill on it.

Don't spill on it.

1: Eating a sandwich.  You don’t eat sandwiches in a jacket worth less than $350, do you? AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A CYCLIST?

Chic creepy

Chic creepy

2: Downloading pornography.  Always download your pornography on a Mac.  They don’t get viruses (which cannot be said for people who sleep with people who download pornography in a $350 jacket).

The jacket is very nice.  You can even ride a bicycle with it.


2 Responses to “Proper Usage: Expensive Cycling Apparel”

  1. 1 reverend dick 17/10/2009 at 8:41 pm

    I prefer the glen plaid one from last winter for, I think, around $700. I would drink beers all over it. And live in it.

  2. 2 youaretheengine 18/10/2009 at 7:01 pm

    I would have to live it in. That’s more than a month’s rent.

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