Where the A-holes are: Sacramento



People who ride fixed-gear bicycles can be called many things.  They are often hipsters, which means they are responsible for single-handedly supporting Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and various indie-rock music festivals.  They might have questionable facial hair and they have without doubt reach a point where irony and sincerity are utterly indistinguishable, which makes everyone uncomfortable.

In Sacramento, though, fixed-gear riders are criminals. Increasingly, these riders are finding themselves on the losing end of a traffic violation as California State law deems it illegal to ride a bicycle without a brake.  Instead of considering the human body a capable braking mechanism, cops in Sacramento are handing out tickets to riders and impounding bicycles if they lack a mechanical brake. Many cyclists (hip or not) are angered.  Keep a look out for (ironic?) slim-fitted protest t-shirts.


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