Sometimes it’s worth it: Chari & Co Nightrider Jacket


Respectable and understated.

While I’m no miser, I do think that urban cycling apparel is far too expensive.  As much as I love Rapha, I just can’t bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars on styling alone.  If I were to drop nearly a month’s rent (my half, anyway) on a piece of cycling gear, it better do something cool.  Well, New York cycling boutique shop Chari & Co have just released a jacket that I might splurge on (financially speaking, I mean).  It’s a collaboration with a skateboard company or something.  That part doesn’t interest me.  What does interest me, is what this jacket can do:


Blinding and painfully obvious.

This jacket is made of reflective material.  It’s a muted grey during the day, but at night it will fluoresce when struck by light.  The entire thing.  You’ll be like a glowing ball of awesome riding down the road.  No motorist will ever be able to complain that they didn’t see you.  It’s also windproof and water resistant. Is that kind of safety worth $350?  Maybe.  Just maybe.

Style and safety, together at last.  Good work.


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