Proper Usage: Outlier Workwear pants

Forget your bike, ride the rails.

If you want to ride the rails like hobos of depressions past, you obviously need these pants.  The Outlier Workwear pant is ostensibly an expensive garment for urban cycling, but these shots suggest they are better suited for old-timey rail travel.  Ironically, hobos of yore likely wore jeans, or maybe burlap sacks fashioned as pants.  Apparently regular jeans can’t stand up to the wear-and-tear of commuting to work, so we should buy these pants instead (which, at $188, are too expensive to work in).  I’m pretty sure I know some old-timey coal miners who would vouch for the resiliency of a good pair of jeans.

This gravel is too tough to ride on.

Nevertheless, if you’ve ever wanted to walk across a desolate gravel yard looking pensive (sans vélo, bien sûr), these are your pants.  Just to summarize, cyclists without bikes need expensive “work” pants that seem better suited to wanderlust, though any other hobo would likely rob you for them. Those guys were tough as jeans…I mean Workwear pants.

Hard knock.

It’s okay to ride in what you already own. But if you care to sell expensive cycling pants, try including a bike in your advertising.


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