Cars in the bike lane: What do we do?

We don't like you.

The Fixer, a column about improving city infrastructure published in the Toronto Star, has a good piece today about cars parking in Toronto’s increasing bicycle lanes.  It seems only fair that as cyclists are repeatedly asked to make full stops at stop signs (blerg), we in turn should demand that what few amenities we do have are respected by motorists (let alone their speeding, illegal turns, rolling stops, etc).

Essentially, The Fixer seems to suggest that while advocacy can help with these issues, what is really needed is new legislation to govern bicycle-automobile interactions.  It’s a strong signal that change is needed when the head of a parcel delivery company (UPS? Fed-Ex?) states that, despite complaints from cyclists, its drivers will continue to park in bike lanes because it is efficient.

There’s lots of work to be done. How many days did it take to build Rome?


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