Sloan: Hit & Run (not just a catchy EP name)

Underwhelmed (but run over)

If you’re Canadian, you’ve probably heard about Sloan.  If you’re a Canadian and into indie rock, you probably loved Sloan’s album Smeared.  If you’re a Canadian, into indie rock, and a proud Haligonian, you probably begrudgingly enjoy Smeared, think the rest of Sloan’s discography is total shit, and actively argue that Chris Murphy is a giant douche.

Well, Sloan is releasing a new EP entitled Hit & Run, and it’s not just a clever name.  This past July, Chris Murphy was hit by a drunk driver while cycling around Toronto.  His bike was ruined, he was left unconscious, and he suffered a broken collar bone.  Things seem to have healed up and now Sloan is ready to hit the road.

In conclusion, Smeared is a classic, Sloan may (or may not) have sold out by moving to Toronto, but no one deserves to get hit on a bike.  I hope everything goes well on tour.

Enjoy the classic:


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