It’s getting cold: Winter Cycling

As December looms, I’m taking the steps to prepare for snow and cold.  Last week I ordered leg warmers and a balaclava (from Rivendell), and a new waterproof bag/pannier (from Knog).  I’ll be sure to let you know how they work out.  I’ve also converted my Dahon Jack folding bike from urban/hybrid to winter mode.  I got the Jack a few years ago, but it was quickly replaced by my LHT, and has been gathering dust since.  I wanted to give it a new lease on life (at least until the salt kills it), so I added drop bars, aero and cross levers, and winter tires.  I even managed to file down one bar end to secure the grip shifter, which has made for an easier transition because my LHT has bar-end shifters (and rigging new gearing would be a pain).  Anyway, this is likely very boring news.  Here are some pictures (I’ve since added fenders).

Those of you from Quebec might recognize my make shift bar plug.  Just paying respects to my favourite drink.


1 Response to “It’s getting cold: Winter Cycling”

  1. 1 Ferdo 05/08/2010 at 1:42 pm

    Hi there, I have the same Dahon Jack bike as you. But yours look so much cooler…lol

    How did you change the drop-down handle bars? I see that there are two types of brakes, 1 flat-bar brakes, and 1 drop-down bar brakes. How did you do that? Can you point me to the direction of what brands or stuff to look for? Do I need extra brake cables? You tires are cool too, what are the brand? How did you connect the drop-down bar to the flat-bar? did you have to change the whole thing or just sawed off the handles on the flat bar?

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