So, you rode home drunk. Now what?

Beer? Beer.

In recent weeks, we’ve learned that attempted murder by shooting a cyclist in the head (in front of his daughter, no less), will earn you 120 days in jail. On the other end of the spectrum, news from Germany informs us that riding your bicycle while intoxicated can lead to a 15-year ban from cycling altogether.

Treehugger is reporting that Christopher-Felix Hahn was charged with cycling while drunk after he rode home from a party.  He was given a ticket ($700, which he paid), and was then informed that he would have to undergo a medical and psychological evaluation because his blood alcohol level was 0.17%.  He would be charged an additional $700 for the test.  Because Hahn had no plans on acquiring a drivers licence, he ignored the notification.  He then received word that he was hereby banned from operating an unlicensed vehicle on the road for 15 years.  Yup, no more riding a bike.

So, shoot a cyclist in the US and spend the winter in jail.  Ride drunk in Germany and lose your bike for a decade and a half.  There’s something seriously wrong here.


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