Dutch Bikes in Vancouver: If the Price is Right

No presentation without taxation

Vancouver is getting ready to host the Winter Olympics. As the city prepares for hundreds of thousands of tourists, a spat between Canadian officials and “the Dutch” is developing.  You see, the Dutch want to import Dutch bikes to be used by their citizens while in Vancouver (what, Rocky Mountain not good enough?).  These bikes will also help promote bicycle use and highlight just how fantastic Amsterdam is.

Canadian officials have a problem with this.  Why? Well, the Dutch don’t want to pay the import tax.  Or, perhaps they were hoping that the Olympic spirit (and the obvious benefits of promoting cycling) would encourage the Canadian tax man to make an exception.  But, alas, as of yet there is no deal.

Doesn’t Vancouver realize how close it is to Portland? Wait, maybe PORTLAND is behind this? The last thing America’s Copenhagen needs is to get shown up by Europe’s Eugene.

I smell a conspiracy.


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