Bicycle Lanes: A 75-Year-Old Debate

Everyone in their place.

The Guardian blog has a feature on the debate over cycling lanes in the UK.  The first lane opened 75 years ago today, and was received “frigidly” by cyclists, many of whom were concerned that bike lanes were an attempt to force cyclists of the roads.  How is this discussion still going on?

Today, we’re forced to do everything in our power to stay safe on the roads, while (many) motorists continue to drive distracted.  Even those who are paying attention often take the time to hurl an insult or do something douchey.  Cycling Inquisition has gone so far as to don t-shirts or back pack patches featuring local sports teams in an attempt to find common ground with (and avoid hostility from) drivers. It really shouldn’t be this hard.

Play nice, everybody.


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