Everyone survived Y2K10?

I took a loooong break.  And it was great.  Aside from finishing up some pressing projects right before Christmas, I did very little over the past two weeks.  But now it’s time to get back to scouring the internet for news about bicycles.  I did manage to pick up some bicycle-related goods over the holidays, and I’m going to test them out over the next few weeks and then review them here in four sentences.  That’s how I roll.

Fatties do fit fine.

The Surly Pugsley is totally bad ass.  Having spent the past month or so riding around Montreal in my converted Dahon Jack with winter tires, I’m starting to appreciate just how much thought went into the Pugsley.  Huge tires with deep treads, comfortable geometry, and more.  Surly asks who should ride a Pugsley? Here’s their response:

Who should ride Pugsley? Hunters of all types (animal, mineral, or vegetable), beach/desert riders, snow/ice riders, wilderness explorers, and anybody else in need of a bike that will provide extra stability, traction, and floatation when the terrain gets loose and unpredictable. If you fall into any one of those categories, you should ride a Pugsley.

That sounds about right.  Although it’s winter and there is snow everywhere, don’t forget that there are good folks (like the guys at Surly) who are making bikes that can keep us rolling all year round. This bike is absolutely on my list of future purchases.

Happy New Year!


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