Abandoned Bikes: Where do they go?

Free to a good home?

I was recently trolling the Montreal Craigslist bicycle section (as is my wont), and I came across this post:

It’s true.  There are a lot of abandoned bikes around the city.  It’s quite easy for these bikes to get smashed up by snow removal machines, and perhaps we should be scavenging for parts.  Who couldn’t use another centre-pull caliper brake fitted for 27-inch wheels?

Well, I just happened to stumble across a good article in Spacing (Ottawa) about the fate of abandoned bikes.  Their journey from bike rack to auction (or recycling) is likely a drain on resources and often means a useful bike goes to waste.  I’m sure every major city has a bicycle recycle programme, so instead of leaving your bike to rust, donate it! Or at least leave it unlocked somewhere.  I built my beater fixed from an old ten-speed frame I found out with the trash by my apartment.  I left all the parts I didn’t need (pretty much everything but the frameset and bottom bracket) on the sidewalk, and it was all gone within hours.

“Free to a good home” is good karma.


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