Portland Schmortland: Random Website Thinks Montreal is Better!

Can we be smug now?

If you’re like me, each morning you open up your RSS reader and wait patiently to see what Moneycontrol.com has to say.  Sure, it’s usually boring stock coverage or an article on RSPs, but once in a while the writers hit the nail on the head.  Today was one of those days.  MoneyControl (which is India’s #1 financial portal for a reason) had an article on the world’s most bicycle-friendly cities.  Montreal was listed at #5, which is respectable.  However, PORTLAND WAS #6!  This is a huge boost for Montreal’s quest to make Portland look like a second-rate Eugene, OR (which is itself a third-rate Copenhagen).

MoneyControl’s description of Montreal is quite flattering:

Two years ago, Montreal embarked on a $134 million plan to revamp the city’s bike trails and create a more bicycle-friendly atmosphere. The plan included incorporating bicycle-friendly lock points into standard parking meters. The city currently boasts 2,400 miles of trails with plans to expand. Montreal also has the first urban bike-share infrastructure in North America, the Bixi program.

Now, I’m the last person to be quibbling over details (especially with an online news site that features articles on how a solar eclipse will impact my finances), but 2400 miles — or 3862.425 kms — seems like a lot of trails.  And we’re expanding? No wonder we put Portland to shame.

Perhaps the city would have received a better return for its investment if part of the money that went into constructing our Montreal to Edmonton bike path (a mere 3764 km) was directed to advocacy groups like the WCA.  I’m not complaining, though; that trail makes my commute to the University of Alberta totally manageable.


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