Winter Moves

I spent the weekend doing the most horrible of horrible tasks: moving.  I relocated from NDG to the Plateau, which is the equivalent of moving from Mommy and Me Yoga to a sweaty basement party.  Needless to say, I think I’ll be much happier here.  As a few of us sat around at the end of the move and discussed the logistics of carrying heavy loads on bicycles (which we did not do, what with it being winter in Montreal), I was reminded of this brave soul:

Now that's a trailer.

Like most cities vying for the coveted “most bicycle friendly” label, Montreal has a few hearty movers getting it done by bicycle.  Déménagement Myette does smaller moves during the spring and summer, which is a pretty great way to get around.  From the looks of it, fridges, stoves, and queen size mattresses are fair game.

I think by law every resident of Quebec must own at least one Divinci.

I’ve never moved anything this large by bicycle before, but they seem to know what they’re doing.  That said, moments after this picture everything could have gone to hell, for all I know.  Yet, if I ever need a fridge hauled over the mountain, I just might give these guys a call.

I trust that has been made aware of this development.


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