It’s not winter everywhere: Tour Down Under


I was fortunate enough to live in Australia for 4 months a few years ago.  Melbourne, to be exact.  I’d love to go back with my bike, as I didn’t do any riding while I was there.  I’m currently cycling Australia vicariously through the UCI pros at the Tour Down Under.  Unlike other major races, I’ve yet to find a website that is streaming the Tour Down Under, so I’ve been forced to watch the 6minute recaps on  If you’re curious, HTC Columbia Highroad is killing it, led by Andre Greipel, who is sprinting his way to victories.  It must be nice not having to compete against Cavendish.

Sometimes finding races online is a cinch.  Other times, it’s almost impossible.  Maybe I should just cave and get a membership with   But then I wonder how often I’ll watch the lesser-known races.  It’s tricky.

If anyone has any good sites for streaming the Tours and the Classics, I’d love to know.

In other news: apparently everyone rides a bike in Toronto now (I’m not sure if I believe the stats, but it’s encouraging nonetheless); Ottawa is considering a segregated bike lane along Gladstone Ave (which would really facilitate my regular pilgrimage from downtown/Centretown/Glebe to Di Rienzo’s); and Westmount is still mulling over keeping the Maisonneuve bike path open all year (DO IT!).


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