Best of Etsy: Bike Seat Bag

Yeah. That's nice.

It’s February.  In fact, it’s Groundhog Day.  After my annual tradition of watching Bill Murray movies and cursing woodland creatures for their proven inability to predict the future, I’m going to let my mind wander to thoughts of spring.  Spring to me smells like a well-worn Brooks saddle, eager to get back outside after a few months of jealously watching my winter bike get all the attention.  Maybe this year I’ll spruce up my seat with this.

Portland approved.

This seat bag is just big enough to hold a set of tire levers and a couple of tubes.  If you like to ride on the wild side and never carry spare tubes, you could easily carry playing cards and cigarettes (if you’re going for that greaser tough guy look), a very small book and a monocle (if you’re a one-eyed aficionado of novelty-sized classics), or a map and a light snack (if you plan on running away for a few hours before returning home in time for Lost).

Tubes and levers. That's all.

The seat bag is hand-made of upcycled leather. It’s also from Portland, which means that anywhere you take it will pale in comparison to its place of origin.  It might also want to get dressed up in weird costumes and do cyclocross. Not bad, for $35.


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