City Action: Enjoy Winter, Plan for Summer

Totally safe. No worries. (image from

There’s some stuff going on.  First, bicycle-friend city councillors in the centre of the universe are promoting a new bicycle plan.  Torontoist is reporting that new separated lanes and more streets with sharrows are on the agenda.  One proposal that is sure to raise some serious ire (ire being the scientific measurement of motorist anger) is the University Avenue separated bike lane.  If you’ve ever taken a ride up (or down) University, then you know how much fun it is to dodge around ambulances and taxi cabs.  As a main artery, the idea of giving up valuable parking spots (to be fair, there are a number of hospitals) will be a major cause for complaint.  Judging by the comments section, Toronto cyclists are predictably sceptical.

But, there are other reasons to celebrate Toronto, bicycles, and winter.

Sweet skates.

Icycle 2010 is happening on 13 February.  And there’s a party after at Bike Pirates. From the organizers:

Put on your hat, slap on your studded tires and come on out to Icycle 2010, thrills chills and spills. Dufferin Grove Park has graciously allowed us to once more churn up their ice surface so we can get all black and blue. This year we ask to keep your consumables on the down low.

I was once roundly defeated at a game of pick up basketball by a homeless man and his sidekick at Dufferin Grove. I’d like to find him and challenge him to an ice race.  I’m guessing he’d win again.

Not to belittle winter in Toronto (but totally to belittle winter in Toronto), there’s another event happening in Saskatoon, where hitting -50 Celsius finally prompts hardy citizens to don their “winter” coats.

A lovely early fall day in Saskatoon.

The Sheaf is reporting that Ice Cycle 2010, “the coldest bike parade on the planet,” is set for 7 February.  Saskatonians are both hardy and polite.  Where else do cyclists host “thank you” rides for the efforts made by their city?

In conclusion, there is stuff happening.  And everyone realizes that bicycle rhymes with icicles.


2 Responses to “City Action: Enjoy Winter, Plan for Summer”

  1. 1 Bikeroo 06/02/2010 at 1:49 pm

    Yeah…we have yet to get a real winter in TO, save for that hint of snow we got in the new year which promptly melted.

    The physically separated bike lane would seem like an awesome idea here in Toronto if we actually needed it on University. Just east of Uni ave there’s are 2 streets with bike lanes and just west of it there’s a bike lane as well. Add in the fact that University is pretty much a downtown through way with 3 lanes on each side and speed limits of 60km/hr and it’s easy to make an argument that the new bike lane shouldn’t go there.

    Personally I’ve love to see this placed elsewhere such as College Street which is an important east/west artery for cyclists and a haven for cabbies to park in.

    • 2 youaretheengine 06/02/2010 at 2:28 pm

      That sounds about right. Separated lanes might be easier to implement on Spadina (even with the streetcar) and Bay, leaving University open for full traffic. The College / Beverly / St. George lanes could be turned into a nice network too.

      Lots of work. Lots.

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