Bike Theft, L.A., and Street Justice

Hey! That's My Bike!

Cyclists in LA are suffering from an increase in bicycle thefts.  Apparently, Wednesdays are the worst days and Venice seems to be the worst area.  Not surprisingly, stolen bikes often end up on Craigslist.  Like most towns, the messengers are getting fed up with worrying about their bikes.  Unlike in New York, where cornered bike thieves end up on the losing end of a few punches and are told repeatedly “don’t steal bikes, bro,” LA thieves might find themselves less bruised but more humiliated.

The LA Times reports that a couple of messengers meted out the sweetest kind of street justice:

Some bike messengers last month took justice into their own hands when they caught two suspected thieves, teenage boys who attended a local Catholic high school. According to police, the messengers stripped down the teens to their boxer shorts before taking their cellphones, backpacks and clothes.

I suspect this kind of response will become known colloquially as “the Costanza”:

Keep your bike safely locked this weekend.


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