Weekend! Bikes! Montreal!

I realize that today is only Tuesday.  Believe me, I get it.  However, as we approach hump day and then round the corner to Friday, it’s good to keep in mind that there is actually a couple of things to do this weekend in Montreal.  Don’t forget, this is still the winter.  Many people are weeks away from thinking about getting their bikes out of storage.  So consider this a warm up for Spring.  Or whatever.

Kill a few hours?

The 8th annual Salon du Vélo opens on Friday.  I attended last year, and it was a pretty enjoyable time.  There were perhaps too many bikes/products aimed at roadies, but I suppose that’s the demographic that spends.  If you’ve got any inclination to do some touring this summer, you should go check it out.  If I remember correctly, there were lots of representatives from companies that organize bike trips.  Considering the success of Bixi last summer, I wouldn’t be surprised if urban cycling features more heavily this year. Unfortunately, fun-time bike companies (such as Surly), and local purveyors of lovely bikes (such as Steelwool) have chosen not to attend.  What? You don’t want to visit Montreal in February? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?

After you’ve wondered around the bike show for a few hours, head to Verdun to take in some roller racing.  The West Quebec Wheelers are in town, and they’re throwing a party.  This isn’t the new fangled (and totally awesome) GoldSprints.  This is the old-timey (and totally awesome) roller racing. Each rider is connected to a giant clock, with arms that go around to show the riders’ progress as they race.  Like this:

I’m not sure if the track bike crowd will be out (from what I can tell, Pabst Blue Ribbon isn’t a sponsor), but there will be music, beer, fund raising, and racing.  Sounds like fun.

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 4 Verdun
La Légion Royale Canadienne Filiale 4 Verdun
4538 rue de Verdun, Verdun, Québec Canada H3G 1M7

Selection heats start at 7pm, spectators can arrive any time after that.

Go faster.


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