Nude Zealand: Ride in Style

Wind tunnel approved.

Sometimes this blog writes itself.  The stories are just too good to pass up.  For example:

A 40-year-old New Zealand man has asked the High Court to rule that it is okay to ride a bicycle naked on a public road. Nick Lowe, a Wellington builder, appealed to the court against a NZ$200fine and conviction for offensive behaviour, saying there was evidence that New Zealanders had become more tolerant towards nudity.

Lowe was reported in Wednesday’s Dominion Post newspaper as saying there was nothing offensive about his ride on a quiet rural road in Upper Hutt, 32km north of Wellington, on last year’s World Nude Bike Day. He was charged after a passing motorist objected and called police.     “It’s a lifestyle thing,” Lowe told the paper. “To put clothes on is uncomfortable. It’s not about exhibitionism, I’m just uncomfortable in clothes.

“I walk around the house naked, I mow the lawns naked, I’ll do the garden naked. A lot of smelly, sweaty clothes – why do that when you don’t need to?” Lowe cited nudity in street parades, National Nude Day, Naked Wedding Day and a recent naked cycle on the Central Otago Rail Trail as proof that “we’re not as puritan as we used to be.”

He described himself as a natural athlete, said he regularly trained nude and had completed a Coast to Coast triathlon naked from the waist down and nobody had complained. The judge reserved his decision.

There’s a really good chance that New Zealand could make Portland look like a conservative haven.  Perhaps the best thing about this story is the purely human element of promoting nudity.  That, and the fact that nudity, when not airbrushed and sexualized, is pretty funny:

Justice Denis Clifford reserved his decision. At one point he apologised after chuckling at a photograph of naked people in Christchurch’s Cathedral Square.

Fight for your right (to chafe).

Go for it, Nick.  At least no one will want to steal your seat.


2 Responses to “Nude Zealand: Ride in Style”

  1. 1 Bill 02/03/2010 at 6:03 pm

    Nick you are not a real nudist…take off yer socks & shoes, watch and helmet. Methinks you are doing it for attention. You’re protecting yer feet and head…but you’ve got fair skin so what about protecting yer skin from UV and sunburn….NZ sun is pretty unforgiving and lotion will be sweated out in no time. Bike seats are uncomfortable enough in proper bike pants, hell knows what they are like without them – after a ride do you need a couple of mates to pull the seat out of yer ar*e?

  2. 2 td helder 01/04/2010 at 2:22 am

    Hey Bill,

    Being a nudist is not the same as being stupid. I have been a nudist/naturist since I learned how to take my nappy off my bottom. And at no time did I ever think that safety equipment made me any less of a nudist.

    By your statement you would be upset with me for wearing a harness and bungee when I popped off a 200 meter platform.

    Or would you have rather seen me jump out of the airplane sans my chute just so I could still call myself a real nudist.

    Or how about all us fake nudists take off our fanny packs and keep our wallets shoved up our bottoms. But in your case you would have to remove your head first.

    And as for Mr. Lowe’s reasons for riding naked, who cares. That’s his choice. Heck Lowe’s not as offensive as those stupid leopard print spandex pants that some women stretch over their over sized back sides.

    As for the seat. If yours ends up your back side, you might want to try Kegel exercises.

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