Best of Etsy: Toe Clip Covers

Dry feet = happy feet

Just last week I was wondering if these existed.  This winter has been odd.  Especially if you live in Body-More, Murderland (The Wire!):

In Montreal, for some weird reason there’s not much snow and it hasn’t been brutally cold (for extended periods, at least), and so I rarely find myself wearing my big boots.  I’ve read in a few places that you shouldn’t ride in boots, which seems like total balls to me.  There have been a few days this winter that my feet would have frozen off in shoes.  Plus, boots give you enough traction on ice/snow when you have to put your foot down at a light or while taking a particularly dicey corner.

My regular shoes, however, aren’t terribly warm.  Moreover, the streets have often been a little slushy or wet.  Too many times I’ve arrived at my destination with a sweet case of freckle juice all over my shoes.  After most rides I’ve got cold feet, despite wearing wool socks over my regular socks.  I was convinced that someone must be making toe clip covers, as at this point (with spring around the corner) I don’t want to buy something like Gore shoe covers.   Maybe $20 Cordura cozies would do the trick?

They're called cozies, which is totally bad ass.

While I don’t doubt that next year I’ll get myself something a bit more substantial, I am a fan of products that stay on the bike (leaving me with less to lug around).  For the spring, these might be helpful.  Even with fenders, there’s always some water splashing at the pedals.  For now, only the single strap option is available, but rumour has it (and by “rumour” I mean “they say on their website”) that a double strap option is in the works.

Long live pedal clips.


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