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This Just In: Lance Armstrong is a Typical Roadie

"Hey guys, team selfie!"

When Lance Armstrong isn’t tweeting or scoffing at public decency laws, he acts like a typical roadie.   When Edmonton Journal columnist Nick Lees was riding in Hawaii, he encountered Armstrong and suffered the same fate of anyone who has ever passed someone “training” for “bicycle races.”

Last month he shot by me in an iota of a second when I was cycling on Hawaii’s Big Island. Unlike most cyclists, he didn’t even give a nod.

Maybe Nick doesn’t ride that much, or perhaps roadies in Edmonton are particularly friendly, but being snubbed by someone wearing full team kit is as common as being blinded by a fixed gear.

Though, if anyone has an excuse for failing to acknowledge a fellow cyclists, it is the professional.  Cabbies don’t stop and wave at every John Q. Public out for a Sunday drive, and I doubt house painters have much to say to first-year art students sketching trees in the park.

The good news, if you live in Edmonton, is that this summer you can ride alongside Lance in all his roadie glory.  At least it’s for a good cause.

Tomorrow is Friday.  Be awesome.


Big Day for Canadian Cycling: A Canadian Pro Team

Sweet hipster hairnet.

Jim Balsillie can’t buy his way into the NHL, but maybe he can help Canadians make a showing at the Tour de France.  The Globe and Mail is reporting that the BlackBerry boss is now involved in Canadian cycling.  According to the G&M, Steve Bauer (Canada’s most successful cyclists, who finished 4th in the 1988 TdF and won 14 Yellow Jerseys over the course of his career) has been pushing for a Canadian team for years.  His efforts had met with various obstacles until last year, when a relatively unknown America cyclist named Lance Armstrong sent Balsillie an email.

Apparently an email from Lance Armstrong gets results, because Bauer met with Mr. BlackBerry and good things happened.  Today, Bauer will announce the line up for his Canadian team, which hopes to compete in the Tour de France in a few years.

This should be fun to monitor.  Let’s hope the team jerseys don’t look like this:

This jersey tastes like shit.

Thanks, Lance.

Ask a cyclist (something stupid)

I’m sure that most cyclists and cycling fans get all kinds of bicycle-related questions.  I think that’s boring.  I’m going to ask cyclists and bicycle lovers (of all kinds) questions wholly unrelated to their chosen profession or primary interest. I figured the first instalment should be someone big.  So, here it is.

tweettolanceI suspect I should hear back any minute now (Juan Pelota is all over the twits).  I will post responses as they arrive.


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