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The new address for this website is:

I’ll leave this up to redirect, but this will be the last week I post here.  New posts at the new home.



This Week: Enjoy Random Inter-Theft

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This week might kill me.  A major deadline Friday means that I can’t spend too much time here.  So, for the next few days you’ll be treated to half-assed posts consisting almost entirely of stuff I’ve stolen from better blogs (how is that any different from the usual posts, you ask? Touché.).  For example, I got the above video from the good peeps at Hipster Nascar.

For those of you who live in the centre of the universe, you might be interested to learn that bike sharing is in serious trouble.

And finally, because I have nothing interesting to add, here’s a picture of a home-made prop trike:


There.  Monday’s post is done, and I barely tried.

Ho-Ho-Holiday Break

Santa rides fixed.

It’s that time of year.  Holiday time.  People go away, see family, get bicycle-related gifts, and eat a lot.  This is my plan.  So, things will be slow around here for a while, likely until the New Year.  Unless something totally awesome happens, in which case I’ll have to post it.

To the tens of your who occasionally visit this blog, have a happy (and safe) holidays.  Wear your woolies and don’t forget your lights.  Be friendly to cars (unless they are total jerks).

Merry Everything!

Quebec gets UCI Pro-tour races

Pavé. Weve got it.

Pavé. We've got it.

I’m late on this, but both Montreal and Quebec City will be hosting UCI pro-tour races starting in 2010.  We’ve got some pavé in old Montreal, so I hope they get routed through it.  Maybe Canada can start a classic!

Ask a cyclist: RESPONSE!

I recently asked the proprietor of Cycling Weapons of Mass Destruction if he would rather be pee’d on by GG Allin or sprayed with blood by GWAR.  He was kind enough to be my first respondent in the “Ask a Cyclist (something stupid)” series.  He therefore makes Lance Armstrong, Hipster Nascar, and ibiketo look like total chumps.

wmdreplyBe sure to visit his blog if you like cycling and things that can be exploded or set on fire.

The National Post: Bicycles pollute too much



Terence Corcoran, a columnist for the National Post, thinks cyclists are getting a free ride in Canada’s cities.  We don’t have to pay for a licence, we don’t have to get insurance, and we therefore don’t deserve to use the roads that motorists pay for and therefore own.  He’s not clear about taxing pedestrians for walking along side roads, and his sidesteps the issue of how best to collect taxes from 5-year-old Johnny, who just learned to ride, but I assume he’s thought this through.  I mean, at the very least cyclists should be punished because they are such heavy polluters.  According to Corcoran:

And then there’s the carbon footprint. When car drivers cruise Yonge Street on Saturday night, their metabolisms are more or less flat-lined. They just sit there, burning up little energy personally but paying for the cost of their automobile’s carbon footprint via taxes and fees. Bike riders grinding up the same route burn up a lot more carbohydrates, which their bodies convert into carbon dioxide and exhale, adding to their carbon footprint. The volumes are small, but it all adds up, and bicyclists don’t pay.

If we’re going to tax the pollution that comes out of our mouths, well, Corcoran is going to have problems.

Long Lost Brothers

Gary Fisher

Gary Fisher

Don Cherry

Don Cherry

Gary Fisher showed up at the Bike Hugger event at Interbike doing his best impersonation of Don Cherry.

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