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Local Trade School Reinvents Wheel


Yale University has gone off the rails.  First, they issue perhaps the campiest recruitment video in the entire world.  And now, they have literally reinvented the wheel.  This time, no spokes.

Want to ride my bottle opener?

Amazingly, the spokeless rear wheel is only half of the wonder this bike provides.  Personally, I’m more concerned about what Paul Bunyan is going to do when he realizes that the derailleur hanger is missing from his gigantic Diamondback.

Giant proto-hipster?

In conclusion, I’d suggest that the people of Yale continually look over their shoulders for a fast-approaching mythical giant riding a recently-converted Diamondback fixed gear.  I bet Harvard students don’t have that problem. Of course, as you will notice, they follow cycling conventions to the letter: both wheels are perfectly spoked.

Harvard education = don't bend the rules.

Although, I’d hazard a guess that this guy has something up his sleeve:

Don't trust him.

In (a second) conclusion, heed Mulder’s warnings and trust no one.  Wow.  This post is an incoherent rambling mess.  Is it Friday yet?


90s Bicycle Fashion: I love oxymorons.

Awesome is right.

Sometimes I find myself reading gossip websites.  There.  I said it.  Often it is simply to waste time, yet now and then something pertinent will jump out at me.  I was therefore amused and confused to read in OK! magazine that 90s cycling “fashion” is taking hold among Hollywood tweens.  Specifically, the cycling short is creeping from the closets of Disney stars and making it onto runways.

As someone who dislikes cycling shorts (I wear them under normal shorts only when touring, and have conditioned my unprotected taint to withstand over 80kms on a Brooks saddle), I can’t for the life of me understand what is going on.  Is this ironic? Sincere? Does anyone know the difference any more?  I was reminded of a great post over at Cycling Inquisition about 90s cycling fashion’s inevitable rebirth.

God I wish he was wrong.

Tickets for Classes: Cycling Safety

This is classic cycling safety video.  Everybody loves creepy monkey-children on bikes. I’m not sure what made me think of it.  I did see a story about Southwark (UK) police officers who issued tickets to cyclists riding dangerously/illegally, but allowed them to have the ticket forgiven if they attended a safety class.  Really, that seems like a fair trade.

Education trumps punishment.

Cycleclaus? Bicyanta? Yes.

Whatever this is, it’s pretty cool.


All You Santas Ride My Presents

Not creepy at all.

I guess it’s that time of year.  No snow in Montreal yet.  Bike lanes still open.  Things are good. Thanks, Santa.

Weekend: Own it.

weird bicycle

Family time.

Enjoy the weekend.  Take your bike out and make a sweater.

Bicycle Gardener: Sweet Ride

You're hired.

I found this picture over at The Times blog.  That’s a pretty sweet set up.  I might suggest getting a trailer, but this guy seems to have it under control.  Just goes to show what you can do without a car (or truck, or van).  It kind of reminds me of that band who did an entire tour on their bicycles, and powered each show by getting people to pedal.  Oh, and wouldn’t you know it, I just found the youtube video.  Enjoy!

One last ride: Death

Youre very own critical mass

Important cargo bike

If cycling is your favourite thing in the entire world, then you’d probably like to be taken to your final resting place like this.  According to Green Muze, a funeral home in Eugene, Oregon will provide this bicycle hearse and driver to take you on one last ride before the ultimate dirt nap.  Not sure what the option is if you’re cremated.  I assume instead of an urn they put your ashes in a messenger bag.

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